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Our Team 



Kathy has background in Aged Care and Business Management.


In 2013 while working in the Aged Care industry, Kathy realised that there was an urgent need for more personalised support and home care for disabled individuals and the elderly. She launched Support Care Angels in the same year. She believes in quality service and that every client deserves qualified, professional and attentive care.

Ever evolving Support Care Angels to keep up industry demand and changes to client support requirements, in 2023 Kathy and Candice joined forces to take Support Care Angels and the services offered to the next level. By 2024 Kathy and Candice fortified their business partnership and  introduced another arm of Support Care Angels, moving into the NDIS auditing spectrum introducing SCA Auditing.

Candice has a background in nursing and Criminal Law.

In 2023 while functioning as the Senior Manager of Support Care Angels, Candice and Kathy were looking to expand upon their qualifications in order to offer more expansive services within Support Care Angels for not just clients but providers alike. 


Both completed Lead Auditor skill sets becoming qualified NDIS auditors, and in 2024 SCA Auditing was established with both Candice and Kathy as co-directors and adding the roles of Senior Lead Auditors to their 


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