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Our Services


We offer community support services

for a wide range of clients, include:

 Assistance with daily living

Personal care

Assistance with social and community participation 

Support on outings and medical appointments

Shopping trips

Cleaning the Counter

Our trained cleaning staff will come to your home to assist you with regular general cleaning, include:

Vacuuming and dusting


Tidy Up

Laundry, dry and fold

Clean the bathroom

Cooking Ingredients

Our trained, qualified and attentive Support Workers will assist you with grocery shopping and meal preparation regularly as you request.


Our Purple Dream House Respite is the "Home away from home" to our regular residents. We open for 24-hour stays, 7 days a week, for support include:

Before and After School Care

Weekend stay

Holiday stay

Our Support Workers will make sure your loved ones are looked after, happy, safe and they will come home with fun stories that make you smile.


Our Art Therapy Class runs every Thursday at 9:30am to 12:30pm at our Respite home, Purple Dream House.

We provide the art supplies, snacks and tea.

We welcome everyone who like and want to create their own art that they can bring home to display on their walls. Every week we pick a different medium to work at, from painting on canvas, paper mache, to making photo frames.


This activity also promotes social interaction in a small and safe environment.


We facilitate group outing and activities for both our Respite and Community clients. There is no fixed schedule, but we would send invitation from time to time for events that include:

Outing to the Zoo/Lone Pine

Outing to Markets and Exhibitions

Cooking Class

Lawn Mower

Our gardener will come to mow your lawn and do regular maintenance as you need.


You decide how often, and we will schedule the job.


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