Our Friends

Bernie's Computer Repairs

Bernie has a 35-years experience and knowledge of computer repair. He's been working for clients on the Northsides of Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs.


The services Bernie offers are all but not limited to Virus and Spyware removal, basic to advanced help and tuition, PC's cleaned out and extra ram added, new PC's built or old ones updated, Networks, NBN, pre-purchased advice and Wireless Sharing problems.

Mobile: 0419 797 367 
   Business Hours: Monday - Friday  8.30am - 5.00pm 


96five Family Radio

The vision at Brisbane's Family radio station is that people will feel welcomed, valued and appreciated as they connect with 96five on-air, online and via their social media platforms.

Their team of media professionals and willing volunteers are committed to creating positive, uplifting and creative content.

Everyday you'll experience fun entertainment, positive contemporary music, helpful family tips, encouraging commentary and conversation and insightful interviews - all focused around uncompromising message of hope. 96five takes every opportunity to embrace and celebrate all that is good in our society and culture.

Email: community@96five.com

Phone: 07-3552 0965


Jess Elite Personal Training

Jessica is a certified Personal Trainer with vast knowledge and experience in kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boot Camp and weight training. She trains both PT clients and classes at Brisbane Fitness Empire in Stafford, at clients' residences as well as through ZOOM. 

She is very passionate about her job. She'd work with you on your pace while at the same time pushing you to be stronger every day as you go. Her programs for Purple Dream House clients incorporate fun games, cardio and basic kickboxing.

Email: jnk@jesselitept.com.au

Mobile: 0401 331 320


Suzi Karim Photography

Suzi has been doing professional Photography for over 7 years and she mainly do people photos. She loves capturing special moments whether amongst family, friends, or work colleagues and on celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, newborn, formals and graduation. She also does adventure photography, where she takes her camera to the mountains, capturing the beautiful treks and peaks along with people who climb with her in Nepal, Africa and South America. 

To her, photographs are not just something we display on the wall or in the album. They are witnesses to moments otherwise lost and they are reminders of milestones, good times and love that her clients can cherish anytime. They are collections of memories.

Email: suzi@suzikarim.com.au

Mobile: 0400 797 454


Amergin Hub

Amergin Hub is a one-stop consultation portal with the tools and resources you need to become an approved provider, manage your compliances, and stay on top of industry changes at all time.